Savour the Flavour of Cuisine


Decorated with small while sugar balls, Bal Mithai is very popular sweet dish prepared from Khoya (Condensed Milk).

Ingredients Quantity
Khoya One Kilogram
Sugar Four Hundred Grams.
While Sugar Balls One Hundred Grams


Cook Khoya on slow and steady fire and stir continuously till its colour becomes chocolate colour. Add sugar and cook till it is thick in consistency. Then pour over a greased tray and let it cool. Cut into rectangular pieces and toss it over the sugar balls. Now it is ready to serve.


A mouth watering sweet prepared from Khoya and Coconut and wrapped in leaf (Malu).

Ingredients Quantity
Khoya One Kilogram Three Hundred Grams
Sugar Grated Coconut Two Hundred Grams
Green Cardamom One Gram As Required


Without changing the colour, Cook Khoya on slow and steady fire and stir continuously. Add sugar, grated coconut and crushed green cardamom powder and mix well. Fill the cocked Khoya in small portions into the Malu leaf and wrap up the leaf. This popular sweet is sold in almost every sweet shop of Kumaun. The tour is incomplete for a visitor who do not taste this mouth watering dish.


Nutritious and delicious Chappaties are prepared from Madua cereal with following Recipe.

Ingredients Quantity
Madua Flour Six Hundred Grams
Wheat Flour Two Hundred Grams
Water As Required


Mix Madua Flour and Wheat Flour well. Add water and prepare stiff dough. Divide into even sized balls and roll out into chapatis. Cook on slow fire from both sides. Ensure that the Chapatis have been baked well. And have a taste of it.


A green leafy vegetable dish, prepared like any other green vegetables. The leaves are locally known as ‘Bichoo Ghas’, which also has a rich medicinal value.

Ingredients Quantity
Sisuna Two Kilograms
Jakhiya FiftyGrams
Fat Thirty Mililiters
Salt To Taste


Pick tender and small leaves of Sisuna. Boil them in water and cook, till the leaves are free from their acidic contents and become pulpy. Drain the excess water and heat oil in a thick bottomed pan. Add Jakhiya and fry the boiled Sisuna leaves. Add salt and serve hot.


A bread prepared by stuffing Madua flour dough into wheat flour dough. It is eaten with a lot of Ghee.

Ingredients Quantity
Madua Flour Three Hundred Grams
Wheat Flour Five Hundred Grams
Ajwain One Gram
Salt 1/4th Tea spoon


First of all take the wheat flour as suggested in the table and knead it and then it keep aside. Now next thing is to Mix Ajwain and Salt into Madua flour and knead it gently. Keep it aside. Take wheat flour dough and stuff with Madua flour dough. Roll into Chappati and cook on a griddle.


A typical Kumauni delicacy prepared with mixed pulse stock, thickened by rice paste and served with rice.

Ingredients Quantity
Bhatt (pulse) Fifty Grams
Gahat (pulse) Fifty Grams
Rajma (pulse) Fifty Grams
Sabut Chana (pulse) Fifty Grams
Sabut Urad (pulse) Fifty Grams
Rice Thirty Grams
Ginger Thirty Grams
Garlic Five Flakes
Cumin Seeds One Tea Spoon
Cloves Five
Black Pepper One and half tea spoon
Hot Spice Half Tea Spoon
Green Coriander Half Bunch


Soak rice overnight and grind into a fine paste. Soak pulses overnight and boil in plenty of water till tender. Make a fine paste of Ginger, Garlic, Cumin seeds, Cloves and Black Pepper. Heat oil in a pan, add the ground paste. Fry for some time. Add pulses extract (stock) and thicken with rice paste and cook for ten fifteen minutes. Add hot spice. Garnish with chopped green coriander and boiled rice.


Boiled Spinach, finely chopped and cooked with spice and curd, and thickened with rice paste.

Ingredients Quantity
Spinach One Kilogram
Curd Three Hundred Grams
Chilli Powder Fifty Grams
Turmeric Powder Twenty Grams
Hot Spice Fifty Grams
Cumin Seeds Twenty Grams
Asafoetida A pinch
Fat Fifty Mililiters
Salt To Taste
Rice Paste Twenty Grams


Roughly chop Spinach, wash and boil. Heat Ghee, add Cumin seeds and Asafoetida. When the seeds crackle, add chilli powder and turmeric powder. Fry the spice well. Add boiled spinach and cook a little. Add beaten curd and required amount of water and thicken with rice paste. Cook well, add salt and hot spice and serve with Bhaat (coocked rice).


Dal prepared from the pulse of Gahat, tempered with Gandherin, Asafoetida and Cumin seeds.

Ingredients Quantity
Gahat (pulse) Three Hundred Grams
Turmeric One Tea Spoon
Rice Fifty Grams
Coriander Powder One Tea Spoon
Red Chilli Powder One Tea Spoon
Fat Fifty Grams
Ginger Twenty Grams
Asafoetida A Pinch
Garlic Four Flakes
Cumin Seeds Half Teas Spoon
Gandherin Small piece


Chop Ginger and Garlic. Boil Pulse (Dal) and add Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Coriander, Chilli powder and Salt. When done, add Rice paste and cook for some time. Temper with Cumin powder, Asafoetida and Gandherin.


A local sweet snack, eaten during festivals.

Ingredients Quantity
Suzi Three Hundred Grams
Curd One Hundred and Fifty Grams
Ghee Fifty Grams
Fat Two Hundred mls.
Sugar Seventy Five Grams
Banana Two numbers


Beat Suzi with Ghee, mash Banana and mix into the Suzi. Add beaten curd and sugar and mix it thoroughly. Leave it aside for two three hours. Prepare a piping bag with cloth. Make a hole of half inch diameter at the bottom of the bag. Heat fat in a frying pan and pour the Suzi mixture through the bag, the way one prepares Jalebies. Deep fry from both sides till the colour becomes golden brown. Serve anytime hot or cold.


A sweet dish prepared with Milk, Sugar and Jhangora.

Ingredients Quantity
Jhangor Five Hundred Grams
Sugar Two Hundred Grams
Milk Two Litres
Cashewnuts 50 Grams
Raisins Fifty Grams
Chironji One Hundred Grams
Kewara Essence As required


First of all boil milk in a thick bottom pan. Add Jhangora in it and then cook well. Stir to avoid lumps. Add sugar and cook for some more time till the sugar is fully dissolved. This follows the adding of kewara essence to give it a sweet flavour. Mix this essence well. Garnish with chopped dry fruits. Now this sweet is ready to serve.