Shyam Lal Sah Gangola, District Hospital

Shyam Lal Sah District hospital


  1. Out Patient Department
  2. Allopathic Department
  3. Internal Patient Department
  4. Contingency Department
  5. Operation Theatre
  6. Ulta Sound Department
  7. X-Ray Department
  8. Pathology Department
  9. Blood Bank
  10. Drug Delivery Wing
  11. Ayush Wing
  12. Homeopathic Department
  13. Ayurvedic Department

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NHM National Health Mission Program

  1. Mother Child Safety Program: Free general and Cesarean Section service is provided. Free medicines and consumables. Free essential diagnosis like blood, urine, ultrasonegraphy etc. Free Diet in Health Institutions 3 days for general delivery and 7 days for Caesarean Section. Free Blood Facility, Free transportation facility between home and health institutions, Free transportation facilities during referrals. Free transportation facility till 48 hours later Back from institutions.
  2. NBS Unit: – Weak neonates are admitted and treated.
  3. Quality Management Unit: – It works for quality improvement in hospital like disposal of Biomedical Waste, Hygiene improvement, Food Quality improvement, patients facilities etc.
  4. 108 Happiness ride: – After keeping pregnant ladies under observation, they are transported bank to their residence free by 108 ambulance.
  5. ICTC Counselling: – Free counseling and drugs delivery to AIDS patients
  6. IRBY ProgramThe amount of Rs. 30000 for BPL patients admitted in the hospital is given under National Health Insurance Scheme.
  7. Vaccination Program: – Facilities of vaccination to newborn is provided.
  8. State Fund: Financial aid is provided to diagnose incurable diseases in the hospital.
  9. Pro-Misunit
  10. Arsh Udaan Program
  11. National health fund




Name                                      –    Shyam Lal Sah District Hospital Bageshwar

Establishment Year          –   2004

Address                                   –   Near Zila Panchayat Office, Kanda Road Bageshwar – 263642

CMS                                           –   Dr. Vinod Kumar Tamta

Contact Number                   –   05963-221755

Fax Number                            –   05963-221755

Email                                         – cms.bageshwar[at]gmail[dot]com


List of Doctors in District Hospital Bageshwar

S.No. Name of Health Facility Name Designation Office No. Mobile Number
01 District Hospital Bageshwar Dr. Vinod Kumar Tamta CMS 05963-221755 989763865
Dr. Satya Prakash Tripathi Ophthalmologist 9557538211
Dr. Chandra Mohan Bhaisora Physician 9410918143
Dr. Ajay Mohan Sharma Pathologist 9756206298
Dr. Mamta Nikhurpa Pediatricians 9512184363
Dr. Ravindra Singh Mer Pediatricians 8126685892
Dr. Reema Upadhyay Gynaecologist 9411856040
Dr. Rajeev Upadhyay Surgeon 9837014164
Dr. Vikas Verma Anaesthetist 9412052968
Dr. Harsita Lal Anaesthetist 6397405335
Dr. Aradhana Negi Radiologist 9760153023
Dr. Girja Shankar Joshi Ortho Surgeon 9650317449
Dr. Mahesh Chandra Ortho Surgeon 9412044317
Dr. Savitri Pathologist 9760574235
Dr. Munna Lal Senior Medical Officer 9456764657
Dr. Laxman Singh Brijwal Senior Medical Officer 9411545139
Dr. Gayatri Pangti Medical Officer 9410591034
Dr. Gunjan Arya Medical Officer 8475915038
Dr. Rashida Rehman Medical Officer 9410995586
Dr. Asha Mehta Medical Officer 9458373974
Dr. Sakshi Garg Medical Officer 8126077150
Dr. Naseem Ahmed Medical Officer 9627585785
Dr. Mohammed Tayub Medical Officer 9927379090
Dr. Rahul Mishra Medical Officer 7398211629
Dr. Devi Prasad Shukla Medical Officer 9410169430
02 TB Clinic Bageshwar Dr. Netra Singh Tolia DTO 8057998101
Dr. Shivangi Vaish Medical Officer 9140287030
03 CHC Kanda Dr. Varun Kumar Bhardwaj Medical Officer 9650084605
Dr. Diwakar Pandey Medical Officer 7830167117
04 CHC Kapkot Dr. Jitesh Kumar Medical Officer 7535988872
Dr. Anubha Kumar Medical Officer 7078449912
Dr. Prateek Medical Officer 9411116802
Dr. Rajkumar Gupta Medical Officer 9721410041
Dr. Jyoti Yadav Medical Officer 9548871413
05 CHC Baijnath Dr. Rajesh Kumar Gunjiyal MOIC 9927581340
Dr. Kumar Amit Radiologist 9410586585
Dr. Om Prakash Pediatricians 9897049146
Dr. Vidit Pandey Surgeon 9756155187
Dr. Mohammed Imran Aslam Ansari Medical Officer 9568095005
Dr. Vijay Kumar Gupta Medical Officer 8935887678
Dr. Nisha Goswami Dental Medical Officer 8558881991
Dr. Sapna Rajput Medical Officer 8445918132
06 PHC Dofar Dr. Rajni Aagri Medical Officer 9756384592
07 PHC Kafligair Dr. Ashutosh Tewari Medical Officer 7607380112
08 PHC Paladichhina Dr. Ullas Narayan Rao Mugal Medical Officer 9557728719
09 PHC Dharidoba Dr. Amit Anand Medical Officer 8126799921
10 PHC Chani Dr. Ravi Kumar Srivastava Medical Officer 8707831629
11 PHC Banlekh Dr. Kunjit Joshi Medical Officer 8475983066
12 PHC Bohala Dr. Pramod Tamta Medical Officer 8192951859
Dr. Azad Singh Medical Officer 8433217106
13 PHC Kamedidevi Dr. Ankit Kumar Medical Officer 8650225050
14 PHC Ghingartola Dr. Ankit Pacholi Medical Officer 8954429859
15 PHC Rawainkhal Dr. Deepti Rawat Dental Medical Officer
16 PHC Khatigaon Dr. Javed Bin Yusuf Medical Officer 7417214965
17 PHC Saniudiyar Dr. Arun Chandra Dental Medical Officer 9897384722


18 PHC Pharsali Dr. Chandresh Singh Martoliya Medical Officer 9719804773
19 PHC Pothing Dr. Manoj Singh Mehta Medical Officer 7500958683
20 PHC Badiyakote Dr. Aakash Kumar Medical Officer 9410111007
Dr. Mudit Patel Medical Officer 7017464529
21 PHC Shama Dr. Bhawana Sisodiya Medical Officer 9643064370
22 PHC Loharkhet Dr. Brijesh Kumar Ghatiyal Medical Officer 9568792030
23 PHC Udhamsthal Dr. Tushar Baisala Medical Officer 7987671993
Dr. Shahid Hussain Dental Medical Officer 9643064370


24 PHC Jalmani Dr. Vandana Sharma Dental Medical Officer 8979172901
25 PHC Kausani Dr. Tahir Salim Medical Officer 8294399098
26 PHC Kandhar Dr. Narendra Kirti Medical Officer 7535989950
27 PHC Jakhera Dr. Ayush Agarwal Medical Officer 7037409393


28 PHC Dyonai Dr. Anand Baswal Medical Officer 9639889397
29 PHC Wajyula Dr. Neeraj Kumar Medical Officer 8882024495
30 PHC Gheti Dr. Gaurav Singh Pangti Medical Officer 8004974058